• WizOpt consulting, is composed of a network of technical and functional experts, and draws on a significant experience of consultants in terms of own business skills as well as software architecture, functionnal competencies or methodology during all phases of the project.
  • Its network constantly listens to the needs of the markets, but also maintains an assiduous technological watch, in order to continuously propose the best tools and the most adapted to each customer.
  • Listening is at the center of our preoccupations.


    Ideally located in the heart of the historical center of the city, our premises are quickly accessible and very well connected.

    Projects & Certifications

    WiseOpt Projects
    The french WizOpt Consulting company can lead several various projects, and in addition to wanting to become a recognized technological actor, tends to specialize in promising applications with his Wise Service Partner certification in the Cargowise One ERP (market’s leader in Freight Forwarding solutions software), or areas such as genetic algorithms.

    WiseOpt Projects WiseOpt Projects WiseOpt Projects

    In a sensitive market it is important to be very reactive, and to have an easily modular, easily configurable tool, adapted to the rapid growth of our customers.

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    Genetic Algorithms

    WizOpt Consulting proposes to unite all types of business to implement them tailored access to genetic algorithms. This type of algorithms resolutely turned towards the future are tools for operational optimization and decision support

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